QIS – Basel IV/finalisation of Basel III reforms

QIS – Basel IV/finalisation of Basel III reforms

For a Tier 1 Bank in Belgium

The challenge

The Basel IV framework and its implementation will mean unprecedented challenges for every bank across Europe, especially around data and IT architecture because of the new requirements. The IT infrastructure needs to be more powerful to allow for parallel calculations of STD and IRB approaches whilst being more integrated to ensure data integrity across the different disciplines of accounting, risk and regulatory reporting. The challenges that Basel IV brings will have a huge impact on the structure within banks. The European Banking Authority requires that every bank perform a Quantitative Impact Study to understand the impact on their infrastructure as a result of the changes. Banks need to be well aware of the implications of the Basel IV regulation and must prepare what they need to adapt in order to be compliant with it.

How b.fine helped

b.fine assisted several clients in carrying out a Quantitative Impact Study, reflecting the impacts caused by the application of Basel IV/finalization of Basel III reforms.  Based on b.fine’s knowledge of the current and future Basel framework, combined with its in-depth understanding of the regulatory risk engine in question, banks can assess the impact of the new Basel Accord fairly easily.  With the study, our clients received a complete overview of the impact and implications of the new Basel IV regulation.

Get ready for Basel IV

With all the changes that the new Basel IV regulation will require, banks need to revise their Basel-related IT architecture, applications and processes.

What do you need to consider when revising your processes and technology? Ask yourself the right questions with our detailed checklist, assessments and other relevant information in our Basel IV section.

Would you like to know more?

Banks tend to underestimate the impact Basel IV will have on their organization. Do you want to get ahead? Contact us today.

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