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Regulatory Reporting

Automated regulatory reporting

Introducing smart regulatory reporting

b.rx has been developed as an answer to the many struggles with the traditional reporting solutions. It is the first SaaS reporting platform that focuses on the journey of the user by leveraging on unique features like automation, collaboration, workflows & key insights. Through b.rx, we are making regulatory reporting less complex, more efficient and more cost effective.
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Automation to relieve the burden

The high level of automation and digitalization of the reporting processes within b.rx relieves reporting teams so that they can stop working on repetitive and manual tasks like exporting & importing Excel files, checking reporting deadlines and more. Our platform brings peace of mind throughout the complete regulatory journey.

b.rx contains an automated setup of the regulatory calendar and corresponding deadlines. By working with reporting frameworks like BIRD, DPM and IReF, we are able to simplify data flows, improve the data quality, speed up the reporting process and cut down in costs.  

brx regulatory reporting platform

State of the art reporting capabilities

b.rx comes with built-in support for national and international supervisory and statistical reporting frameworks. Today, the b.rx platform is fully compliant with the reporting requirements of supervisors like European Banking Authority (EBA), Single Resolution Board (SRB) and more local regulators. 

With the b.rx Marketplace, we can easily integrate any new national or international regulatory reporting framework by leveraging on our ecosystem of high qualified partners who have in-depth knowledge of the local market.

Reporting coverage

Discover all the supported frameworks that are currently covered by the b.rx platform in our detailed factsheet.

The RegReporting engine makes your job easier

We have developed the core of b.rx, the RegReporting engine, with only one goal: to make your job easier. How? 
Smart workflows, easy data validation and detection of errors are only a part of it:

Our data architecture based on open standards will contribute to the consistency and quality of the underlying data and reports delivered. Combined with our smart validation engine, submitting your reports was never that easy. 

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Automated submission of your reports

The API-based architecture of the b.rx platform allows you to connect with different best for breed solutions, like risk engines, ALM-systems or other from the b.rx Marketplace. API’s with supervisors are also supported and guarantee a smooth submission without ever having to leave the b.rx platform.

Cutting edge technologies

By relying on a microservices architecture and facilitating the integration of publicly available building blocks (e.g. DPM), regulatory changes can be easily absorbed and quickly integrated. We focus on the ability to scale our platform to your needs and invest in innovation by using big data capabilities and machine learning to optimize the reporting processes.

Lower total cost of ownership

By leveraging on publicly available building blocks like DPM, applying the proportionality principle in our license model and efficiently using cloud infrastructure, the overall cost is drastically reduced. A cost reduction of up to  60% compared to other solutions is no exception when you pay for what you use instead of buying things you don’t need.

Discover b.rx today

There are many challenges ahead for the financial industry. In a time where financial institutions are facing regulatory challenges, there is a solid need for IT systems that can hold up in the future. By focusing on digital transformation and automation, you’ll be able to relieve your reporting teams significantly and still be compliant, all at a lower cost.
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